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Voice Communications: Which Platform Is Best for You?

August 8th, 2022 by admin

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Voice Communications are an essential aspect of any business, and while companies realize this, the real deal arises in choosing which type of voice communications you want.

Three types of voice communications are on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid systems. While very similar, the three are also different in many aspects, so companies should understand which type will suit them the best before committing.

Here is a breakdown of the three types and reasoning on which one will be the best for you.

On-Premises Voice Communications

The on-premises voice communications include the PBX, or private branch exchange, which is the type of telephone line existing since Sir Graham decided to grace us with the invention of telephones.

This on-premises line works relatively simply and connects the office in lines to other departments within the office and other districts as well. The other feature of this type of phone line includes the ability to hold or forward calls to other departments and is one of the best features to have for quick inter-office communication between various departments to save time.

Cloud Voice Communication

Cloud-based voice communication is another great way to maintain accessible communication for your business. This service is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud called VoIP or cloud-based telephony. The service doesn't require specific lines and jacks to connect two employees or departments like the PBX type. However, it does need a stable internet connection to make the proper call connectivity.

Companies that switch to cloud voice communications can gain many benefits from it, some of which are:

  • The cloud-based services tone down the use of on-premises hardware.
  • The service adds flexibility as employees do not have to be present in the office to make calls. They can communicate with any device anywhere as long as they have stable internet connectivity.
  • The expenses are majorly shifted from the capital to operating expenses which is beneficial for the revenue and outcome of any business.
  • The implementation of this service is pretty seamless and ensures that your data and communication are secured, and no other party can bypass it.

Hybrid Voice Communication

This type of voice communication is the middle ground of the abovementioned types. Hybrid Voice Communication is the best option for companies that want to enjoy the ease and flexibility the cloud services offer but also want the control the on-premises solution gives. To gain the best of both worlds, hybrid voice communication is what they should install within their work set-up.

The service is the best option for companies that are comfortable with the ease their on-premises communication gives but also want to move out and explore the waters of the newer cloud technology.

Another excellent factor for this service is its reliability and inter-changing aspect. For example, if a company has its internet services down, it can easily switch from the cloud service to on-premises voice communication.

Which of the Services mentioned above is the Best?

If you ask us, the hybrid service among the three is the best service you can choose for your business. This is because the service offers the best of both worlds and allows you to combine the two concepts or switch to one communication type when the need arises.

However, while significant, this type of service has a few drawbacks too. Hybrid service can be costly because users must pay for the hosted cloud services while setting up on-premises phone lines. Regardless, it is still great and one of the best services you can choose.

DTC - The Best Voice Communication Service Provider in Town

While hybrid is an excellent form of voice communication, this doesn't mean that the other two aren't equally great too. Businesses should look into all three types, understand how they can benefit from each, and then choose the one they feel fits their business.

Once they have decided which service they want to benefit from, the next step will be choosing an excellent service provider. We suggest you take a look into DTC for this cause. We are a service provider tackling voice communication and providing exceptional services for years. We know what we are doing, and trusting us will be your best decision.

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