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Mission & Values

Mission Statement

DTC will consistently deliver the highest quality service to its customers, with respect and integrity. DTC will establish strong relationships with the intention of being a good business partner in promoting its customers' achievement of their own business objectives. DTC will support responsible, sustainable, and profitable growth to deliver innovative communications solutions to its customers and to offer career opportunities to its employees.


  • Customers choose to spend their money with DTC based upon the strong business relationships forged and how that relationship ultimately supports and enhances their ability to meet their own business objectives. Remember that other companies sell the exact same products and services that DTC does. What they can't offer is DTC's people.
  • DTC will always show respect for every customer and employee, recognizing that each person brings a unique perspective and contribution to the business relationship.
  • DTC is 100% committed to providing premier customer service, responding to all requests promptly, always dealing in an environment of integrity and fairness, and recognizing that win-win solutions are achievable in all cases.
  • Remember that everyone at DTC has internal as well as external customers – both of which DTC is 100% committed to supporting.