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DTC Provides Phone and Surveillance Solutions for Southern California

January 23rd, 2020 by admin

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DTC prides itself on providing communications solutions to the Southern California region. Whether your company is a small business or a large corporation, we will find a solution that fits your business needs. We’d like to share a few projects that we have been working hard to complete.


We had the opportunity to speak with CEPTA to demonstrate our facial recognition software. With the rise in school shooting incidents, we feel very strongly about helping to put an end to this senseless act.

Our facial recognition software allows school staff to see when people are in the incorrect areas. It will notify security or the school administration if people are in restricted areas. Our software will also run the image through a database to find out who the unwanted intruder is. This service will allow the school staff to usher children to safe areas until the police can show up and handle the situation appropriately. We are very proud to provide this service to businesses and schools.


MemorialCare is a nonprofit healthcare system, which includes four hospitals, two medical groups, an imaging center, and a surgery center. With MemorialCare being such a large provider, they have over 1500 phones. DTC is assisting in switching their phone systems from Cisco to NEC, which will provide cost savings for MemorialCare. NEC is a reliable enterprise phone system solution without the high annual fees.

One of the qualities that set DTC apart from the competition is that we have extensive experience working with hospitals. Our cabling crews are OSHPD experts. Being OSHPD experts ensures that your cabling will meet all standards mandated by OSHPD.

If your business is thinking about upgrading its phone or surveillance systems and would like a reliable and knowledgable company to partner with, look no further than DTC. Contact us today so we can find the solution that meets your business needs.

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