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NEC offers a very powerful networking feature called Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (CCIS). This functional and extremely flexible "intelligent network" capability allows two or more NEC telecommunications systems to be networked together to provide feature transparency and to centralize many important telecommunications functions.


On-premises systems were built for an era where most work happened in the office, and voice was the primary mode of communication. Today, the modern workforce requires a flexible and mobile workspace – where they can use a multitude of communication tools to stay connected with colleagues and customers – and work from wherever life takes them. This has been especially true with the onslaught of the COVID Pandemic and is further exasperated by the global chip shortage which is impacting on-premises solution delivery. With UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE, your customers can extend their existing NEC phone system investment with cloud-based voice via desktop and mobile apps creating an all-in-one communications experience. It allows them to collaborate in the office, at home, or anywhere in between with integrated video conferencing, chat, team messaging and file sharing / backup. One communications platform. One low monthly payment. Crazy simple!


CONNECT BRIDGE extends the investment of your existing on-prem NEC phone system by connecting it with best-in-class cloud communication and collaboration tools. With CONNECT BRIDGE, each user simply downloads desktop and mobile applications, which will give them access to:

  • Team chat
  • Video conferencing
  • Calling (using their existing NEC phone number)
  • File sharing and backup

Cloud Migration

CONNECT BRIDGE is the only solution that allows you to integrate collaboration services (chat, video conferencing, calling using your existing NEC phone number, file sharing and backup) with your existing solution while simultaneously creating a migration path to the cloud. Once deployed, users will utilize cloud-based desktop and mobile applications to access the critical communication and collaboration tools they need.

From there, when your organization is ready to migrate to full cloud (UCaaS) with UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT, NEC will migrate your entire on-premises workload to the cloud, without any changes or interruptions to the end-user experience.

Once migration is complete, you will no longer need an on-premises structure, and the end-user experience will remain the same with the desktop and mobile applications.

Single Trusted Provider

While using multiple providers may have worked in the short term, in the long term, there are significant challenges, including:

  • Operational costs and complexities with using multiple vendors (numerous bills, deployment schedules and training sessions, etc.)
  • No integration with existing phone system – resulting in gaps in communication
  • Multiple apps and logins create a disjointed end-user experience and loss of productivity

CONNECT BRIDGE brings together your existing NEC phone system with the critical collaboration tools your teams need – from a single provider you already trust.

All your business communications and collaboration tools will come from NEC – this means a simplified payment, easy deployment, training, support, etc.

Secure Communications

With UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE, you keep your existing NEC phone system, and its business continuity options and features; While CONNECT BRIDGE's collaboration features utilize state of the art technologies designed to constantly monitor for and defend against malicious activity.

UNIVERGE BLUE includes 5 primary security pillars which constantly evolve to respond and mitigate any potential threat:

  1. Infrastructure & Network Security
  2. Data Protection & Privacy
  3. Phone/Devices/App Security
  4. Monitoring & Detection
  5. Security Compliance

These 5 pillars are regularly examined and reviewed by the NEC UNIVERGE BLUE security team to ensure customers of a highly secure communications & collaboration experience that can be trusted to protect you and your businesses.


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