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Structured Cabling

Selecting and evaluating a structured-cabling system presents today's IT managers with the dual responsibility of planning for future needs and conserving an organization's financial resources. This becomes a difficult challenge when confronted by emerging applications that seem to function optimally at ever-higher speeds and require an increasing share of available bandwidth. In addition, some newer PoE devices (and the next generation standard – EEE 802.3at) have higher power requirements than those in common use today.

The cabling professionals at Digital Telecommunications Corp are experts at balancing these new requirements within the constraints of a budget.

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Cable Testing

The Fluke DTX – 8000 is one of the most advanced cable testers on the market. It can provide copper certification that guarantees cabling installations comply with TIA/ISO standards. All test results can be analyzed in detailed reports. The tester can also perform basic and extended fiber certifications.

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Dust Containment and Infectious Control

Older hospital and medical facilities often need to make additions to their cable infrastructure to support the newest technologies. This process can be a messy one, but these facilities need to maintain cleanliness and provide clean air for their patients. For customers who must maintain the highest air quality, DTC offers the Dust Containment and Infectious Control Mobile Unit.

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Right Cables for the Job

DTC has the cable experience for almost any job. Horizontal Cabling, Backbone Cabling, and Feed Cable. DTC installs: CAT5e Cable, CAT6 Cable, Coaxial Cable (digital TV), Fiber Optic, and Telco Feed Cable (Copper).

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