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Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

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Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a Cloud-based approach to back up crucial data to alternative off-site locations. Traditionally, corporations performed backup using centralized on-premises equipment and personnel. BaaS allows organizations to outsource the complexities of a varied backup strategy, and the maintenance and management of the security facilities and infrastructure, to a specialist Cloud Service Provider.

Why is Backup Important?

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Hackers, Viruses, and Ransomware

Cyber-attacks are constantly on the rise, and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Apart from financial impact, these attacks are also affecting business reputation. While hackers and ransomware outbreaks are greatly feared, old-school malware, spyware and old-fashioned viruses continue to be among the leading reasons for system breach and data loss.

Faced with increased risks of cyber-attacks, preventive measures alone are insufficient. It is not a matter of “Will your company become a victim”; instead it is just a question of when. As such, recuperating measures are paramount to minimize downtime to ensure smooth operations.

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Physical Disasters

With the constant fear of cyber threats, it is easy to overlook some of the more conventional physical threats. A fire, or another type of natural disaster, could easily wipe out all of the data in your location and make recovery virtually impossible. That is apart from common risks such as hard drive failures or other types of hardware malfunction. The impact of compromised data without proper back-up is disastrous and long lasting.

Operations will be affected and data recovery (if possible) will be a long and tedious process.

Eliminate Data Loss With Reliable Backup Solutions

  • On-Premises Backup

    For highly-regulated industries such as Finance and Healthcare, On-Premises Backup is required for compliance issue, and for many, having data located in-house also provides a peace of mind. We help you house your data internally and manage it remotely. Back up confidential data without leaving office perimeters.

  • Cloud Replication

    Enhance data protection with Cloud Backup. Mitigate potential on-site risks such as physical damage, mismanagement or theft. Equipped with built-in redundancy, the Data Center allows for maximum uptime in times of outage. Minimize unnecessary hardware maintenance cost and improve data accessibility. Highly scalable, Cloud Replication is ideal for business with limited floor space.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Establish strong business continuity with fail-proof Disaster Recovery plan designed to protect mission critical data, allowing for full functionality when disaster strikes. Avoid unnecessary consequences arising with system downtime with Instant Recovery. Achieve a fully restorable backup with Isolated Restoration Environment.

  • Cloud Connect

    Accelerate your digital transformation with direct connectivity to NEC's Cloud network. Protect core data with secured back up through SSL encryption over the Internet. Enjoy stable, low-latency performance without the need for pre-established infrastructure requirements. Move workloads securely between sites with NEC's Cloud Connect.

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