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Cyber Security

No business is safe from a cyber threat. Many small business owners are under the pretense that criminals are only looking for high-profile enterprises and corporations, because of this notion, smaller organizations let their guards down quicker. According to Forbes, almost 60% of cyberattack victims are small businesses.

Criminals typically target smaller, newer companies simply due to their lack of proper security, connections to larger firms, and ability to leverage funds and resources. To combat this issue, DTC offers a security solution with a commitment to keep small and large businesses safe and secure from cyberattacks with DTC Secure.

DTC Offers a Wide Array of Cyber Security Solutions

You no longer have to wonder what type of security suits your business; our cyber security specialists have expertise in the areas of cyber security, threat intelligence, cyber investigation, cyber forensics, and more. They can design a security infrastructure that will keep your operations light-years away from cybercriminals and hackers.

Our security solution spans from employee awareness to 24/7 intrusion and detection monitoring; five of our most trusted and proven methods include:

  1. Perform a full security risk assessment on your entire system. This strategic tool is executed to find loopholes and vulnerabilities within your infrastructure as well as in your workplace.
  2. Find any information that may have been stolen and is posted for sale on the dark web with our dark web research and discovery.
  3. Back up all of your systems regularly and be able to quickly restored in the event of an attack or outage with our data backup to the cloud. This method provides maximum security for all of your sensitive data and information.
  4. Advanced Endpoint protection powered by artificial intelligence. Through the use of biometrics and sophisticated algorithms, our AI technology offers enhanced technology for malware, fraud, and intrusion detection, as well as behavioral analysis, virus detection, and much more.
  5. DTC Secure offers easy-to-use educational platforms with our user training and security awareness. Teach your entire workplace on ways to avoid specific threats through common user errors, risk analysis, awareness training, and more.

Pricing Is Affordable

Small to mid-sized operations can enjoy enterprise-level solutions at a rate that you can't get anywhere else. By utilizing both DTC and DTC Secure, you can get industry-leading technology and advance level security without making a tremendous investment. We are here for your business, and we promise you the best in IT, voice, and security.

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