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Dust Containment & Infectious Control

A growing concern among many of our structured cabling customers is dust containment and infectious control. Anyone who has popped open a ceiling, knows what a messy job that can be; and the last thing you want is for co-workers, hospital patients, or IT equipment taking in any of that debris. This mobile unit will be used where ever air quality is of the highest importance. The mobile unit is :

  • Clean – This mobile unit has an embedded Negative Air Machine and independently tested HEPA air filter. 99.97% or .3 micron air cleanliness which is equivalent ISO Class 5 clean.
  • Mobile – The cart itself is shorter and narrower than a hospital bed and is on non marking, 900lbs weight rated wheels.
  • Adjustable – The expandable arms reach up to a 10-ft ceiling, and spring loaded struts ensure that contact to the ceiling is kept.
  • Dynamic – No more tenting off areas, no more tear downs, and less time spent between sites. Which translates to less hours on a job = saves you money.
DTC Infectious Control and Dust Containment Mobile Unit
Employee in Hard Hat Pushing the Infectious Control and Dust Containment Mobile Unit

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