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DTC offers Indigo Care and Ascom as Nurse Call solutions.

Indigo Care

The Indigo Care communication system, iCall, integrates the nurse call system, the telephone exchange, the DECT system, VoIP solutions and the personal location system within one global solution.

Elderly and long term facilities can spread out and when a patient needs help, the staff needs to be alerted immediately. DTC is an IndigoCare solution provider, that offers a full IP nurse call solution that offers complete flexibility. Staff can be notified on wireless devices if a wanderer is detected or if a resident has requested help from their unit. With IP wall-mounted units, SIP speech units, and pendant transmitters, your guests will feel safe in your facilities. ​

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  • Operates on Open IP-Standards
  • Has Unmatched system flexibility
  • Uses Intelligent distribution through IP unites
  • Reuses existing cable infrastructure
  • Integrates with any type of alarm system

Ascom in Healthcare

There are many challenges facing Healthcare. From aging populations to budget constraints, accompanied by rising patient expectations while trying to attract and maintain top class employees. Making this all happen can feel like an impossible feat. DTC is determined to deliver the right solution and for more than half a century Ascom has been developing wireless communications solutions for the Healthcare sector and it is an area to which Ascom is constantly dedicating more and more resources and innovation.

Ascom Solutions

  • Wireless communication and collaboration
  • Point-of-care – allowing nurses to be mobile and have more face time with patients
  • Smart alerts – filtering notifications in pre-assigned chains
  • Communication and workflows that integrate with service providers
  • Data management and analysis tools help managers improve workflows

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