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Young Man Being Scanned by Facial Recognition System

NeoFace Watch

NeoFace Watch is a high performance, highly scalable face recognition software application, providing the most accurate and fastest results for the most demanding real-time or post-event face recognition use cases: large volumes of data throughput, larger numbers of users, large numbers of devices, large scalable deployments.

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Obtain facial images from video streams, still image storage, and third party integrated systems.

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Assesses individual frames of video and still images, detects faces and analyzes each face to determine its unique facial signature. Creates a small template for each unique face.

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Compares each template image against an enrolled image database until a match is found. Maintains a history of matches.

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Allows configuration of real-time alerts or messages to be sent to users or external integrated systems if there is a positive match against a database image. Offers a suite of post-event image comparison tools.

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