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​DTC knows that businesses today communicate in more ways, using more technologies than ever before. Communication methods now include not only traditional one-on-one voice calling, but also Internet calling; conferencing and collaboration; and messaging and instant messaging. As communications continue to evolve, so too will the number and the complexity of devices and formats – along with the challenge of using them effectively and cost-efficiently.

With the introduction of Cloud Solutions, DTC can now offer its clients a communications solution that is hosted in the cloud and integrates a range of communications while lowering operational overhead and minimizing IT requirements.

NEC's Univerge Blue cloud based solutions allows DTC to create a systems solution integrating your existing on-premise phone systems with the latest Cloud-based applications like unified messaging, presence and conferencing and contact center.

Cloud Solutions are a powerful tool for SMBs as they need minimal IT staff while still offering 24/7 service.

​Cloud Solutions are also scalable and can be grown for use by enterprises.

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